Uncategorized Why Montana Why Montana: Why move to Montana you ask? Let me count the ways… We all know that Montana has amazing fishing holes, big game hunting, and skiing that will blow your mind but here are the secrets of why Montanans live here and weather the cold. Our cities’ downtown areas are like no other that […]
Uncategorized The Art Of Pricing A Home Hi Folks! Today I want to discuss pricing and how critical it is as a seller to set your asking price appropriately. In a seller’s market such as the one we’re in it’s easy to think a listing agent can pull any  price out of thin air and it will become a reality at the […]
Uncategorized The Art of Buying In Bozeman As we all know, Gallatin Valley’s real estate market is flying high. In April 2017 the median sales price of a single family home was $365,000. This compares to $316,505 in April 2016. Condos/townhouses have increased substantially as well. April 2017 shows a median price of $274,500 vs. $220,898 in April 2016. Of course this […]
Uncategorized My eye opening experience with San Fransisco real estate My husband and I recently took a trip to San Francisco. Neither of us had ever been there and we’ve heard so much about it so we wanted to see what it was all about. Overall I thought it was a tremendous city with tons to offer in terms of things to do, scenery, landmarks, […]
Uncategorized The Great Debate: Condos vs. Single Family Residence Last week we discussed various tools and technologies that can be utilized to make  vacation/short term rental properties more efficient and economical. Today we will talk about something pertinent to both investors and owner occupants: the differences between owning a single family home and a condo/townhouse. Single family homes and condos both have a heavy […]
Uncategorized Tools that make your vacation rental managing a cinch! On last week’s blog we discussed areas to consider purchasing a vacation rental. We are fortunate to live in an area that’s a vacation destination for many people. For this reason it makes sense that all of our vacation rental properties are in Bozeman or Big Sky. For those living in this area, vacation rentals […]
Uncategorized Your Top Location For Vacation Rentals Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular across the country. This is certainly the case in the Bozeman and Big Sky areas. I own a few short term rentals and I absolutely love playing hostess to people visiting our amazing corner of the world. Today we’ll discuss what locations to consider when purchasing a […]
Uncategorized Selling Bozeman Last week we discussed being a buyer in this Bozeman market. Today we will discuss the enviable position of being a seller. There are times when buyers hold all the cards and can push and pry to get their every wish. But to say this is one of those times would be like saying Amazon […]
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