Uncategorized February 8, 2017

Why Montana

Why Montana:

Why move to Montana you ask? Let me count the ways…

We all know that Montana has amazing fishing holes, big game hunting, and skiing that will blow your mind but here are the secrets of why Montanans live here and weather the cold.

Our cities’ downtown areas are like no other that I’ve ever seen. 100+ year old brick buildings line a main street. Most of the cities in MT have put a lot of money towards keeping the cities downtown area thriving. New hip restaurants, fun locally owned shops, and breweries fill these old buildings with energy. Our downtowns are clean, bike and pedestrian friendly, and have art infused into them at every turn.

When you’re walking main street, you’ll find my next point as to why you should move to Montana. As people pass you, they will look you in the eye and smile. Everyone is a friend here so if you’re not from this area I hope you experience this Montana hospitality! If you’re from a big city this may take some getting used to. A beautiful smile can set your day off onto the right path so go on and give it a shot. The people of Montana are kind, warm, and loving. Stop into any shop or restaurant and you’ll feel it immediately.

The third reason I love living in Montana is the culture. Farmers markets in the summer and outdoor music festivals are what we are all about! Rodeos and fairs fill up our weekends in the summer and Dummy Jumps and Pond Skims fill our winters.

Visit us here in Bozeman and stop by our office to talk about everything we love about Montana! If you’re visiting you’ll want to stay longer and if you’re relocating you’ll want to stay forever!

Hyalite Reservoir near Bozeman, MT